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A mother/daughter team, Carol Murray, Founder, was born and raised in a small town outside of Boston, Massachusetts, where much of her family still resides. Jessica Edwards, Co-Founder, is a native Texan and grew up in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Upon relocating to far north Texas, it wasn’t long before they fell in love with the warm, friendly, welcoming community of Wichita Falls and made it their home.

After researching the history of the local area, Carol and Jessica quickly learned about the Kemps and the Kells. After much consideration of various possible coffee house names, they chose the name Frank & Joe’s Coffee House in honor of Franklin M. Kell and Joseph A. Kemp, two of the original entrepreneurs of the Wichita Falls area.

It was a business plan in the making for almost three years. The wheels were finally set in motion, and the dream became a reality based on a genuine passion to serve great coffee in a comfortable, relaxed setting where people could connect and build relationships.

Carol and Jessica complement each other with opposite strengths. Carol is detail oriented and keeps the business organized, while Jessica is the creative thinker and dreamer. Carol drinks a hot vanilla latte every morning, while Jessica drinks double shots of espresso throughout the day. The business is family run with the full-time support of Carol’s husband, Carldon “Card” and other daughter, Katie, who play key roles in running the organization.

Prior to becoming a coffee house entrepreneur, Carol was the local Wichita Falls area H&R Block franchisee responsible for the oversight of almost 8,000 tax returns completed in her first tax season. Before being a business owner, she was a marketing research account executive for many years, where she worked with large, mainly consumer-packaged goods clients, such as Fritolay, Walmart, and the various Brinker International restaurants, to name a few.

Jessica worked in restaurants throughout high school and college and graduated from the University of North Texas with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a focus on commercial real estate. Before and upon graduation, Jessica worked full-time as an Office Manager at H&R Block and as a Business Banker at Wells Fargo Bank, where she guided and helped many small business owner customers with their banking and financial needs.

Carol and Jessica have been and continue to be actively involved in the community and the non-profit world by giving back, not only of their time through board and other volunteerism, but through monetary donations. Some of the non-profit boards they have served on are Rotary, CASA (Child Advocates), the Burkburnett Senior Citizens Center, and Zavala Hispanic Coalition.

The family is proud and honored to be a small part of the remarkable Wichita Falls community. With the help of their teams and business partners, Carol and Jessica look forward to their continued involvement, volunteerism, growth, success, and support of the area.

What makes us different?

We offer only freshly roasted coffees purchased from a select few, local Texas roasters. Our main roaster, Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters, roasts between 200 and 300 lbs of coffee for Frank & Joe’s each week. The order is placed each Sunday, roasted each Monday, and we personally travel to the DFW area to retrieve it each Tuesday so that we have amazingly fresh coffee all week.

Truly fresh coffee has an incredibly unique, crisp taste, and we believe the taste profile is light years ahead of other local coffee establishments that generally purchase their coffee beans from multiple internet sources. Larger coffee enterprises can store the beans in a warehouse for up to a year before bringing them into the coffee house for serving to customers. Because Frank & Joe’s coffee beans are fresh, they are supple and moist compared to the beans of other coffee establishments, which may be brittle and cracked.

Along with providing the freshest cup of coffee in town, we pride ourselves on our personal relationship with our main roaster and his direct relationships with his farmers. The owner of Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters travels the world, personally connecting and building relationships with farmers in various countries. He purchases his crops a year ahead of time and pays a fair wage directly to the farmers, eliminating the middlemen so that each farmer can take his fair cut of the profits. This direct roaster-to-farmer relationship allows the farmers to more comfortably support their families after seeing the fruits of their labor.

With our warm fireplace, cozy couches, high-back wing chairs, and throw pillows, our customers feel comfortable when visiting with friends or meeting with business colleagues. We know our customers feel right at home when they, with no hesitation, move large chairs around to accommodate and include more people in their discussion circles.

It is heartwarming to see the impact our space has on connecting people and creating respectful, empowering conversations. When hearing their laughter, we smile when seeing some of our regular customers congregate at the “guy” table. Of course, the guys reluctantly accept women and children, especially if they are related. This table is a meeting place from all walks of life. We can only guess as to what worldly problems they are discussing and solving among themselves each day!

Women are frequently found throughout the coffee house, including in the corner spaces, with friends and associates having a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. Then, there’s the gamers who meet regularly to play old-fashioned board games. Frank & Joe’s is the go-to place where everyone connects and converses in a neutral location that feels like home.

A conference room is available to rent for a nominal fee, as are quiet study rooms. If you love drinking great coffee outside, the outdoor patio is exceptional for gathering in warm or cool weather. Patio heaters are available during the winter months, and the patio is dog friendly year-round.

We are thankful and grateful to have amazing customer interactions every day. Our customers are loyal and joyous; they make our day; and we strive to make their day every day. We pride ourselves in making each customer experience a positive one in hopes of making every customer a regular customer. We are proud to know our regular customers by name.

Many customers provide us with sincere, heartfelt comments and written notes – always mentioning the warm, friendly service they receive day in and day out. We enjoy posting and sharing these with our team, and the team loves to hear the positive feedback.

Our Loyalty Program allows us to reward our frequent guests with periodic free beverages of their choice.

Not only do we serve the best and freshest drip coffee around, we also offer traditional coffee beverages, such as lattes, Americanos, cappuccinos, iced coffees, hot and iced teas, chai and matcha drinks, and unique frappes. Our coffee beverages are made the traditional way, which is sometimes different than mass coffee establishments make them. Therefore, if you are trying us for the first time, our beverages may be different than what you are used to and might expect. We think you will be pleasantly surprised!

We are especially proud of, and known for, our Texas Chili Mocha, Unicorn Frappe, Oreo Frappe, Southern Dr. Pepper, and The Mermaid. All of these beverages are made from scratch, proprietary from Frank & Joe’s, and made with only the highest quality ingredients.

When customers request their very own, special beverage or food item on a regular basis, we “add a button” so they don’t have to repeat the unique way they like their drink or food item every time they come in. We know them by name and eagerly accommodate their special requests.

We offer healthy salads and protein packs, as well as more decadent items, such as cheese cakes and pastries. If a special diet becomes “all the craze” (like KETO), we have the flexibility to produce it for our customers. We embrace these opportunities and approach them with vigor and enthusiasm!

Being a Barista may seem easy, yet it’s not.  All Frank & Joe’s Baristas go through a rigorous training process over the course of several weeks before “going solo” on the floor.  It takes time to learn how to properly operate the elaborate espresso machine, which is bigger than a car engine and can be finicky.

There are precise espresso shots and proper milk frothing techniques to consider.  Then there’s the urgency of using your best shots quickly so they “don’t die”. Science is behind making a great coffee beverage, and it takes stamina and continual, active training to achieve and maintain that level.

Our key people have been trained at an elite coffee school in the Dallas area and the training continues in-house on a regular basis.  We have invested a great deal of time and effort in our people because our coffee roots are important to us and our mission.

We are proud to say that we have a hard working, dedicated team of coffee house professionals who work tirelessly to provide great beverages.  They take pride in their work and strive to always provide an enjoyable customer experience.

We are proud to support local Wichita Falls area consignment, small business vendors by providing them with a means to display and sell their wares. These are generally Mom & Pop businesses and artisans with unique gift and food ideas and items to sell.

Each vendor is responsible for setting sales prices and maintaining his shelf space. Frank & Joe’s then takes customer payments, keeps track of the items sold, takes a small percentage to cover the costs of doing business, then forwards the dollar difference to the vendors via monthly checks.

The busy foot traffic at Frank & Joe’s is highly conducive to successful vendor sales. We are proud to support these vendors in our local community.

Our existence is built on supporting local area non-profit organizations. Whether we are providing a place for board meetings or non-profit fundraising events or making monetary donations, we are champions of local Wichita Falls non-profits.

Our active community presence has allowed us the opportunity to assist at the Hotter ‘n Hell Spaghetti Dinner through the Rotary Club. We have participated on non-profit boards over the years, including Rotary, CASA (Child Advocates), the Burkburnett Senior Citizens Center, and Zavala Hispanic Coalition, to name a few. In addition, we have supported various non-profits through monetary and other in-kind donations: Big Brothers, Big Sisters; the P.E.T.S Clinic; the Arc of Wichita County, the Boys & Girls Club, Girl Scouts, the River Bend Nature Center, Wichita Falls Area Food Bank, and even the Better Business Bureau.

We feel blessed that the Wichita Falls community has embraced us, and we have and will continue to be ready to give back.

Our mission

To create a personal, uplifting experience in a warm, friendly environment where you can drink quality, farm-sourced coffee and other unique beverages while supporting the community.


Our Vision

To inspire relationships; connect people; support our community; and grow through education and innovation.

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